Eroticism points to the deliberate seeking of pleasure in an exotic land that emerges through the synergy between you and your partner during love-making.
Oh god. I want to throw the book across the room and throw up a little. They said love-making.

It could also be written in German for all I understand of this exotic land and emerging synergy. What the fuck does that even mean???? It sounds really creepy and scary. I imagine a rain forest in the Amazon with Tim. Giant bugs everywhere. Mosquitos buzzing in my ear. Swatting and slapping and trying to have sex. It sounds like a nightmare.

Maybe it’s me? Maybe I can’t handle erotic intimacy?

It sounds as ridiculous as open-eyed orgasms.

Which I actually tried once with Tim and was pretty cool but since I was the only doing it felt a little lonely.

Familiarize yourself and your partner with your erogenous zones.

Tim says he doesn’t like blow jobs. But I think what he really means is he doesn’t like the way I give him a blow job. Which is very insulting as I thought I was pretty damn good at it. But he’s super fucking picky and I never feel like I am doing it right so he told me he didn’t like them. But the truth came out the other day when he admitted that he didn’t like them because he thought I didn’t like giving them. I had no idea what to say to that.

When trust is the foundation of sex, you and your partner will resonate as one, creating a mystical third.
I consider myself a recovering new-age metaphysicist. My mother was a devout tarot card reader, astrology reader, dream interpreter, and attendee of all séance, channeling, and psychic anything.

I went in another direction. I thought. A drunken boyfriend in my twenties threw a book at me in an argument and instead of throwing it back, I took it home with me. It was The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. It rocked my world and introduced me to the mind bending magic of Quantum Physics.

Since getting sober I have found and lost and found again many different interpretations of a higher power. I have also expanded my own spiritual horizons in many different ways; Non-dualism, Secular Buddhism, Mindfulness Meditation.


Mystical Third.

Resonating as One.

I think you get the picture.

Ignite your carnal desires by using all five senses during sex.
I can only think of 9 ½ Weeks, the movie. Food. Blindfolds. Sounds messy.

Pick one of the senses the next time you have sex, such as smell, then investigate your lovers smell or introduce a new scent into your sensual practice.
I have a new scent. It’s my fart.

I am such a dork.

The Joy of Sex and More Joy were basically my sexual education when I was 5. Hairy happy naked people sensuously exploring themselves and each other in dubious positions. It was written in the 70’s. All the photos are realistic drawings. I wonder if that is why I never knew you were meant to trim your vagina hair until I was like, in my early twenties. I was living with a bunch of lesbians even though I wasn’t one, and when I stepped out of the shower one of them saw me naked and gasped in horror.

Jesus Christ! Don’t you know how to trim that thing??!!

I was dumbfounded. The thought had never occurred to me.

I eventually discovered waxing.

But then I had a baby.

And now we are back where we started.

No wonder we aren’t having any sex.

It’s a fucking jungle down there.

I wouldn’t want to explore it.


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