Think of times you withheld love or sex?

NEVER. But unfortunately, I can think of plenty of times I should have.

Contemplate examples of other’s withholding sex or love from you. What was your response? 

Pain. Searing gut wrenching body shaking earthquake trembling foundation breaking pain.

And confusion.

My heart hurts just thinking of it.

The whithholders of my life include but are not limited to:

Every major relationship I have ever had in my entire life.

It makes me wonder, is it possible to not experience some form of withholding in relationship to another? We are all human. We all fuck up and do weird shit when hurt, angry, or sad. Maybe withholding is just a part of life.

Maybe I need to learn to withhold more!

I give away too much of myself constantly.

I’m going to practice the art of holding back.







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