Studies have shown that those who learn to express a “coherent effective narrative”- a clear story of their emotional life- can earn a secure attachment, psychological health, and happiness.


On a blank piece of paper- write your life story.

Born in Spain to parents that weren’t Spanish
I come from good Mormon stock
A long lineage of polygamy
Father a drunk, left when I was six months old
Mother borderline, took us with her wherever her men went
One older brother with the same father
One younger brother with a different father
Two step-fathers, both rageaholics
Grew up for the most part in pristine Laguna Beach
Homecoming Princess shooting heroine on the weekends
Left for UCLA, majored in dance
Left UCLA, became an actress
Was on a television show for kids
Hated it
Nothing was ever good enough
Or enough, period.
Became an alcoholic, like my good old dad
Married to get away from my drug and alcohol-fueled life
Divorced four years later to get away from him
November 23, 2004
That is my sobriety date
Ten years later
I am no longer an actress
I am a writer helping emotionally disabled kids write
about what haunts them the most
I married, again
I have a young daughter
She is my heart living outside of my body
I am trying something new
something different
so that many things in my life can stay the same

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