Holy shit

Holy shit

Holy shit

What the fuck WAS THAT?

Yesterday I was crying outside of Trader Joe’s, and when I returned home, there was an email from the one cute guy I liked on OkCupid that lived in Highland Park and was in an open marriage. He could see me tomorrow night. Did I want to meet in a local bar?

I said yes. I felt slightly duplicitous because I was no longer technically Poly, but what the fuck, what did I have to lose by meeting him? Nothing. So I went.

And oh my lord.

Something about this guy….oh man. My body is on fire.

He was nervous at first, so was I. I could barely hear him. But I wanted to be near him. I wanted to touch him. His eyes. I was drawn into his eyes.

He has a face that…I don’t know how to describe it.

There is something I can’t quite put my finger on.

I gave him a ride to his car and he asked, awkwardly, if he could give me a kiss. I said yes. Thinking it wouldn’t be…what it was.

Holy shit.

What the fuck?

His smell. His skin. His lips. His eyes. His hands. He touched my whole body. He kissed my nipples. I felt everything. To the tips of my toes.

It was a kiss to end all kisses.

Immediately I was in another world.

Felt like I was on ecstasy.

Touching him feels ecstatic.

I want to be naked with him, like now.

Holy shit.

That is all I can say. Is HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT!!

I have not felt this turned on this alive this aware of my body in years.

We made out like teenagers in my car for over an hour.

When I came home, My Husband was asleep.

I crawled into bed with a huge motherfucking smile on my face.

I still had it.


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