Highland Park just left.

He walked in the door and sat on the couch. We had talked for a bit before he asked if he could touch me.

He touched my arm.

Electricity. Straight. To. My. Crotch.

I am nervous. I said. We should fuck now and get it out of the way.

He agreed.

I straddled him right then and there.

It was magnificent.

I wasn’t nearly as nervous afterwards.

In fact, I felt pretty fucking good.

It was the middle of the day.

We had work to do. Spouses to see.

We dressed and drank water.

We talked. It’s so easy to talk to him.

I curled up in his lap with my head on his chest and told him, this would most likely end badly for me.

I heard an audible sigh.

I said, let’s just ride this thing till the wheels come off.

He suggested we ride it till we see the ditch up, ahead and jump off, instead.

I agreed.

He is so warm.


I feel comfortable and electric around him.

He left.

I had to write.

One thought on “OUT OF THE WAY

  1. Electricity to your crotch? OMG! I think I saw that in a war movie as a form of torture for POWs! Thankfully, your version sounds more appealing. 😉


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