Highland Park arrived at 8 pm and left at 11 pm.

I can still smell him on my body, all around me, but especially on my arms.

I haven’t been held, touched, kissed, made love to, or fucked like that in years. I don’t know when I ever have. He is so tender and tough.

Don’t fall in love.

This can’t evolve into anything. Ever. Except what it is.

Which is what?

Just sex. Just. Sex.

Is it possible for me to keep my heart out of this equation.

I couldn’t have an orgasm, though, and that pissed me off. Here I was, with this fiercely sensual man loving up on every single inch of my body, and I COULD NOT COME.

And I know why.

Zoloft. That motherfucker. It makes having an orgasm really fucking hard. So hard that, in the past,  I have wondered if I sprained my hand trying to get myself off; sweaty and exhausted from trying.

That’s it.
I am quitting Zoloft.

Fuck this.

I want to feel all of it; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Bring it on. 


2 thoughts on “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY.

  1. Ugh. What a decision to have to make. Orgasms and try to deal with the depression without meds, or no orgasms. Hey, how about using LOTs of orgasms to deal with the depression? All around great solution! lol.


    1. I vote for lots of orgasms to defeat depression and anxiety. It helps with anxiety the most, I think. I have used it compulsively to soothe myself since I was a young girl. It can exacerbate sad feelings at times, and other times, it is the best relaxant I have ever found.

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