Oh dear lord.

Highland Park just turned me on to Erika Lust Films. Holy shit. I have not left my couch for hours. I lost count of how many times I came. Her films have redefined porn for me. My favorite one was of two guys and a girl. She nailed it. It was exactly what I imagined it could be and nothing like what I have seen out there. Thank God for the Spaniards.

I was not as turned on by the lesbian films. I mean, who doesn’t like watching two beautiful women orgasm? But at the end of the day, it looked like they needed something a little bit extra. I am sure they didn’t feel that way. I was projecting. I don’t think I am bisexual. Thankfully the women I was courting on OkCupid have dropped off the radar. That was an interesting experiment. Women are intense!

I applied for a credit card. My first on in years. I am terrible at the credit game, but I feel a small sense of vindication because my soon-to-be ex-husband makes so much more money than I do. He can pay.

But, I also just spent way too much money at the Pleasure Chest. I haven’t even had the card a day. I might need to go to Debtors Anonymous.

Just please let me get one last tattoo before I do….

I am on a mission to find a guy to be our third. Highland Park, some stud, and me.

We have to make sure he watches the Erika Lust film, though, so he knows how not to be a dick.

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