I went down to a tattoo shop on the Westside today and had an incredibly sexy tattoo artist tattoo an abstract wolf on my left hip today.

We were in an enclosed portion of the shop, with my pants pulled down, and his hands all over my body for more than four hours.

I have had a crush on this artist for the past ten years but have never been tattooed by him before, so it was pretty damn exciting.

After he had bandaged me up, we stood there, staring at each other, grinning from ear to ear, before he pulled me in close and kissed me.

I felt high from that kiss. I paid for the tattoo with the wrong credit card, I got lost in the supermarket, forgot my keys on the counter, and missed my exit going home, twice, that night.

I want more.

He is married, though.

Very unhappily.

So until he is single or in an open marriage, this is not going anywhere.

But he is kind, and sexy, and warm, and loving.

He is everything I am looking for in a man, even if he is not the man for me.

He is part of the new standard.


I am souring



The phoenix is rising

The wolf is running

The lion is free

To roam

To hunt

To love


I am not what I don’t eat

I am not how I used to drink

I am not who I marry

I am not who I sleep with

I am not my job

I am not the child I raise


I will love how I want

I will fuck who I want

I will write what I want

I will mother the way I want

I will create my work


I am untethered to any one idea

Of me

I am everything





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