I haven’t heard from Highland Park since his pathetic thumbs up emoji’s. I need to be done. There is nothing that is healthy in this for me anymore. Turn inward. I made the mistake of asking my Ex if he and his ex were friends right away after they broke-up. His ex that he is “best-friends” with. He said they were. That they were and always will be friends. Always. It felt like I punched myself in the gut. I cried all the way to yoga. I felt so small. So small and not fun or funny. Because if I was, then maybe he would want to be my friend too. She, his ex, is funny. All of the time. Annoyingly funny. Or at least, trying to be. You know the type. They usually perform with a shitty improv group and need A LOT of attention. That is her. She commands that you feebly laugh at her.

All I ever think I wanted was to feel like he enjoyed my company as much as hers. I am so tired right now that I am misspelling simple words.

I have to go to bed.

Being single and not fucking around with anyone leaves me with little to write about.

Pretty quiet on the Western Front tonight.








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