My Soon-to-be-Ex-Husband had an enormous financial discussion with me today where he decided to drop two Hiroshima-sized bombs; he wants to separate our finances and get a divorce, asap.

I knew the divorce was coming; I just didn’t know it was barreling down on me like a landslide.

I thought I had more time to get my financial shit in order. I just started my own business. Holy fuck. What am I going to do???

I can’t stop crying.

God, what would you have me do?

Questions I have:

Should I get my tubes tied or go on birth control for my acne?

Should I have sex with the two guys from Tinder? (Highland Park has me all riled up about this fantasy and since he is not acting on it presently, should I do it alone? I am scared. I want it to be with someone I know, at least, one of them)

Should I try drinking minimally and socially? (after 11 years of sobriety)

Should I stop seeing Highland Park?

Things I know I can and will do starting right now:

Stop touching my face.

Stop eating dairy.

Stop worrying about everything

I have more than I need.

I am completely taken care of.

I am not being abandoned.

I have support all around me.

I am not alone.



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