I spoke to my friend who is an intuitive life coach. I asked her to help me access my intuition. She guided me through a series of questions that I answered with images.

First we called in my higher self. This Self makes me feel big. As big as the room.

Then the coach asked my higher self, “Was there anything I needed to know about Highland Park going forward?”

I immediately saw a steely sub-zero refrigerator in front of me. I could barely get a glimpse of what was inside before the doors shut dramatically and the fridge started to get smaller and smaller. It didn’t vanish, but it got pretty fucking small. I wanted to reach out and grab it but I couldn’t. I heard a resounding NO. Highland Park is not for me. Not now. Maybe not ever. That message was very clear.

Once the fridge vanished, I stopped and looked around. I was in a warehouse; spacious and cold and grey. I couldn’t see where the space ended or began. I only knew I was in a safe place. And I was okay. It was okay to be alone in there. I liked it. I spun around with my arms outstretched.

This spaciousness is me.  This is me!!  I can reconnect with this spaciousness to access my inner knowing and intuition anytime I want! The Coach told me, ” You are such a clear intuitive and your inner knowing is so strong. Time to commit to trusting yourself.”

I felt calm and clear. For once.

I sat down cross-legged in the middle of the room and waited for the next question.

She asked me if there was anything I needed to know about Jon, the ex-boyfriend that wanted to “fight for this.”

I immediately saw his giant face and curly hair peering over the side of a flexible wooden partition I put up in the warehouse. He was curious, and I was wary. I kept putting boards up to fortify the wall. But he could certainly see through. There is a dark shadow around this man. I am not certain what it is, but I think it has something to do with drinking to excess. Something that does not interest me at all. Even though I am technically “drinking” again, I have no desire to drink like he does.

She asked me if there was anything else I needed to know- that was when a giant strawberry appeared. I wrapped my arms and legs around the giant fruit and took a bite. It was yummy and delicious. I felt nourished in a deep and satisfying way.

I know that fucking fridge is filled with strawberries. I just know it.













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