I love smoking pot. I haven’t smoked it in almost eleven years. Which seems like a travesty right now that I just took a hit off of some kind bud.

It calms me the fuck down. Immediately. I get my sense of humor back. I ease in and out of things. And I want to have sex like my life depends upon it.

Plus- I am not going to black out on pot or humiliate myself. I am not going to drive drunk or hurt anyone this way. I am just enjoying life with a little help from mother nature.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but something I enjoy doing stoned is to think about how awesome I am. No, seriously. I am pretty rad. Let’s break it down- I have a big heart. I am kind. I care. Deeply. I feel a lot. I am self-aware. I can talk about anything. Extremely open-minded and empathetic. Funny. Smart. Creative. Gorgeous. Beautiful body. Sexy as fuck. Sensual. Curious. Good in bed. Giving. And game for anything. Loyal. Interesting. Interested in interesting things. Strive to make a difference in the world. Determined. Brave. Talented. A good person. A good mother. A good ex-wife. A damn good friend. I am so well loved by my friends. I have accomplished a shit load, without a college degree. I am a miracle. I was sober for a decade. Now I smoke pot, and I am SO MUCH FUN.

I would totally fall in love with and never leave me.



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