I reached out to a Tinder profile called Duo. It had a picture of two hot men kissing one woman at the same time.

Sign me up! I thought.

They messaged me back right away. The ONLY profile on Tinder that has ever messaged me. By the way. That site confounds me. I give up.

However, I am now in email communications with one of the Duo. He seems alright. He’s funny. Quick witted. Good with words. Must be a writer. I would bet my ass he is, especially in this town.

He said “they” wanted to meet me. We are trying to find time. Although I asked him to send me a current photo of them, he has yet to do it. I know the profile one is stock. The delay is troubling. He asked me if I knew of the “Social Elite?” A private sex club in Los Angeles. I said I do not. He asked if I was interested in joining. Why not? I thought. Could be interesting. I’ve never been to one of those. I had to send in a photo and be approved. I was approved. Apparently they have “high” standards. I am assuming this means this guy is hot? I fucking hope so. So why won’t he send a photo? Dumb. Me.

I am now “allowed” to attend one of these parties- when invited.

Who am I?

What happened to my life?

I was a married sober sexless woman a few months ago.

Now I am a polyamorous sex party attending single not sober woman.

Is this fucking rad or is this fucking weird?

I am grabbing life by the balls, I suppose. Literally.

I took an awesome photo of me with my new blonde hair and posted it on social media because my hair stylist and best friend, asked me to and to make sure to tag her so that she could get more business.

I keep checking to see, if out of the multitudes of “likes” and comments, Highland Park has said anything. He has not.

At least with Duo and the Social Elite, I am slightly distracted, for now.

But seriously, if Highland Park sent me a message asking to find me, I could not say no.

I should say no.

But I can’t.

Not yet.

Maybe I am as beautiful as they say? Maybe. Maybe not.

I miss my daughter something fierce. But I also want my weekend.

I feel torn.

Guilty and whatever.

I pray I sleep tonight.

8 thoughts on “SEX PARTIES

  1. I remember a pic of you associated with this press, but not this one. I think it was a “normal” blog where you talked about raising your child? Anyway, the point is, you ARE as beautiful as they say. 😉


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