My daughter is home with me. I feel complete.

The guy I was texting with from DUO- the two men who sleep with women- finally sent me a photo. Oh hell no, I thought. Chunky frat boy with a blacked out face. You must be kidding me. Why is he standing like that?

Dear Lord.

He told me, during our brief texting conversation, that he wanted me to fuck him with a dildo. Being sexually empathetic, I said that was fine, given the correct circumstances.

Then he sent me that photo.

Now I have to disentangle myself.

But not before I looked him up on Facebook. He mentioned we had some mutual friends, so I did some sleuthing, and oh yes, he is not attractive IN THE LEAST. At least not physically. He looks more like a Hobbit than what I imagined. But he was smart and funny. So I will give him that.

I hate sounding so shallow and bitchy, but this male person would not even reply to my messages until I sent him a photo! I had to wait until I was approved! That is why I am taking him down. Fucking dwarf leprechaun hobbit troll.

I regret the email I sent to  Highland Park. I hate his guts. He is such a dick. A married fucking prick that I would give anything to clone into a single version of him.

Our chemistry was real.

My photo:


His photo:

troll 2


4 thoughts on “DUO DOWN

  1. The best chemistry I ever had with a woman that was with one that was unavailable at a time that I was also unavailable. The witty flirty banter was audacious and inspiring. It felt like being a nervous teen again with all the new possibilities and the exciting rollercoaster of emotions. Seeing her made my pulse quicken. She’d blush when she’d see me enter the room. Stealing glances. Nervous, anxious moments as we brushed past each other in the lunch room. Her touch, however nondescript, was always interpreted sexually by my body. My words, however casual, would always be filled with filthy innuendo.

    I wonder sometimes if the chemistry would have been different if we weren’t with others at the time. Would we keep going with this arms race of flirtation? Without the safety net of a relationship, would we be as willing to fearlessly push the envelope? Would your “Highland Park” be the same if he wasn’t married? Or would he become suddenly timid and blase?

    Just a thought.

    ps. You’re very attractive, You look like a sexy biker chick version of Claire from Modern Family 😉


  2. I am sure his unavailability has a ton to do with it- for sure. And my own unavailability! Emotionally, even though I “fell” for him, in hindsight, I was nowhere near ready for a relationship of any sort. I needed to build a relationship with myself first. Which is what I am doing now. Good times!! Sober and Alone!! Woohoo!!
    And thank you for the compliment. I’ll take it.


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