I have spent the past nine months attempting to write about my ayahuasca weekend and I find I can not.

It is beyond words.

I can say this; the claim that it is like ten years of therapy in two nights is correct, the idea that ayahuasca does not heal anything but brings everything up to be healed, is also correct, and lastly, I puked, eventually, and it was glorious.

When we debriefed about our evening to the Shaman’s the next morning, they told me I had the peak ayahuasca experience, what people wrote about, and why they wrote about it. I celebrated this until I realized we were drinking the vile tee again, that evening, and where do you go from the top? Nowhere but down.

My second journey was like walking through the valley of death and coming out the other side.

For what it is worth- ayahuasca was DEFINITELY the right medicine for me at this time and certainly not for everyone.

Proceed with caution.

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