I had dinner over at HP’s house, with his wife, and our kids. All together, like one big polyamorous fucking family. I was surprised with how comfortable I felt. I really like the wife. She is super sweet and funny and smart and kind. He, not so much. When I asked him if we were still having lunch the next day, he told me he was super busy but he did “need to eat.” I was shocked. And of course, could not feel my feelings in the moment, but you bet your sweet ass I felt them later. What a dick? Who the fuck does he think he is? I am a busy woman myself, but I set aside time for him because I value him in my life. Apparently, he does not feel the same. Although I did not feel any sadness being at their house, seeing them together, or whatnot, I did feel angry and annoyed with him as a person. I would almost rather only be friends with her.

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