I am home from leading my first programs at a private school with high school kids. Man, what a treat that was. Twelve students showed up and took to the work like bears to honey. They were starving for personal connection. It was like a vacation, working with those kids. I am used to working with students that are so highly traumatized that getting them to make eye contact feels like a victory. These students were so earnest and talented and brave. I want so much for each of them. Five weeks is not enough time.

I woke up this morning at 6am , meditated for 30 minutes, dropped my daughter off at school, had tea with a dear friend, came home, practiced Ashtanga for 45 minutes, fell asleep in savasana, woke up, blogged, listened to Pema Chodron talk about Shenpa and the power of the pause, for an hour, before having  an incredible inspiring moving first session with the students, and then I picked up my daughter on the way home.

Now, if only my daughter will go to sleep so I can watch one episode of The Returned, I would call this a near perfect day.

I worked, I played, I practiced, I loved.

What more can I ask for? Shit is GOOD right now.

Really??? Am I saying that? Could that be true? Shit is really good. I have nothing to complain about. I love my life.

I am okay. Everything is okay.

Although, there was one weird moment when my older brother texted me that he was masturbating to livestock and had been sleeping with a prostitute named McKenzie who he only had to pay once.

I still have not replied.

The men in my family are so fucked up.

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