I am going Balls Deep with Adyashanti. Loving this consciousness shit. Non-duality. Awakening. Bits and pieces. Yesterday with the amazing Jessica Graham (meditation teacher, author, and all-around awesome human being) we did a meditation asking “Who am I? Or what am I? What is this? What is my purpose in all of this? ” And the answer that kept coming to me was to have fun! This is fun! Awakening is fun! Realizing what we are is a blast, a ride, super entertaining.

Levity and brevity.

Called for now.

I am moving from the Orphan archetype to the Wanderer calling on The Warrior!

(I am reading about the Hero Archetypes, obviously)

Hell yeah- realizing reality and letting go of illusion while still getting face peels, highlights and obsessing about my weight.

The struggle is real and it never ends.

What is the point of it all?


Come on.


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