My Ex-Husband called me today and asked if we could change the schedule with our daughter on my birthday this Saturday. He wants to get her earlier because his new girlfriend is having a picnic at this park and he wants to introduce our daughter to her, his new girlfriend, and her daughter, on my birthday.

On my birthday.

I told him I was not comfortable with that. I had been looking forward to the day I planned with her for a long time now and did not want to change it at all.

I was also hurt that of all the days of the year, he had to pick THIS day.

I cried to him appealing to his sense of justice, he was punitive and threatening, telling me he never asks for anything and this one time…

I caved in.

I gave him what he wanted. Just like I always do.

Then he said his new girlfriend would be willing to meet me before Saturday if that helped.

Oh hell yes, I said. I want to meet this woman before she meets my child.

We met at a coffee shop. I was there early, like I always am, waiting. She showed up and immediately gave me a big warm hug. She has big brown eyes, long brown hair, and a kind face with a beautiful smile. She is charming and witty and lovely. I liked her right away.

I told her I was sad about the birthday thing. She totally understood and offered to have it another day. I love her. We spoke for two hours, almost. I like her better than I like him. I hope they work it out.

She said she had NO IDEA it was on my birthday and she totally UNDERSTOOD where I was coming from and they could easily reschedule the picnic, no problem!

I love her.

We spoke for two hours, almost.

I like her better than I like him.

I hope he doesn’t fuck this up.

But he will.

His Ex-girlfriend.

Will happen.

And I am sure this new girlfriend will wonder and worry about how she fits in between the two of them.

Just like I did.

Thank God I don’t have to deal with that situation anymore.

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