I received a Shamanic massage from a woman named Emma.  During our session, the sage she lit and repeatedly tried to put out refused to do just that and when we walked into her waiting room afterward, it was filled with smoke. That was a trip.

I ate a giant donut after yoga with my buddy, Jolie.

I had botox injected between my eyebrows by Gemma. So I wouldn’t look so angry and confused all of the time.


I had dinner with my sweetpea, darling daughter.

It’s been a good day.

I miss the abstraction of him, my ex-husband. Not him.Not really.

We ripped the bandaid off instead of slowly pulling.

I guess it is a better way to go.

One year ago, today, March 27th at 2pm- I asked my now Ex-Husband if he ever wanted to have sex with me again. He said no. I said, then this is no longer a marriage. He said okay and slipped out the door.

One whole fucking year.

And look at us now, driving together down to my family’s house for Easter, talking about his new relationship the entire way while our daughter sleeps peacefully in the back.


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