I had a breathwork session with my good friend and colleague Michael Kass today. It was fucking awesome. I can not recommend this sort of thing enough. I laid on a table and breathed, deeply, for fifteen, twenty minutes while Michael guided me with questions. I found myself in a very distinct place. I was in a grove of giant redwoods with majestic boulders, and I was in a primitive squat between a tree and boulder with one hand on each giving a primal scream to awaken the ancestors. I was crying for help. Crying to remember WHO THE FUCK I AM.

I am connected to this earth, deeply, to the roots of these God-like trees and to these rocks- made of minerals and stone. Strong and powerful.  I felt good there. Vibrant.  I realized what a blessed and incredible and hilarious and tragic life I have had up until now and I was filled with this deep joy. That Life is so glorious, and there is so much to do and say and create and co-create- I am just beginning this new chapter that is thrilling. I feel untethered from any old ideology. I found my rebellious teenage side- it took the form of a Mars-like planet with swirling red and brown gas around it – swirling in my third chakra. My seat of power- it kept me ungrounded my whole life- because that was what saved me and helped me cope. But I don’t need it anymore- and at the exact moment that I was repeating the words that it was time for this energy to step aside some motorcycle or asphalt breaking muffler car took off from outside like a bat out of hell. It was like my Mars was James Dean and was getting the fuck out of dodge. We laughed so hard. I sat up clapping and smiling and laughing and feeling, no, believing THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME. THERE IS NOTHING TO FIX. I AM GOOD. I am okay. It is all okay. Every little bit, no matter what.

I would say it was a good session, for sure.

And I have officially become a hippy.

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