An old dear wonderful sober friend of mine invited me to his Christmas Party on December 17th. He and his wife host one every year. I usually do not go. This time, I went.

My friend calls me his Eskimo because I took him to his first AA meeting thirteen years ago. We have been close ever since. We usually celebrate our sober anniversaries together. But not since I decided to drink again.

I was not sober as I walked up the sidewalk to his house. I had on a black silk jumpsuit and Manolo Blahniks. I was feeling good. I could not remember the address of my friend’s house so I had my head buried in my phone when I heard the footsteps walking towards me. I knew they belonged to a man but I did not look up. Instead, I heard, “It’s right here. This is it.” Startled and bemused, I looked up quizzically, the most handsome man I had seen in a long time was standing in front of me, “Nicky and Ania’s?” He said. I nodded. He had a shock of thick grey hair sprouting out of the top of his head with piercing blue eyes and manly features. He was wearing a dark suit with a checkered shirt and black tie. Goddamn, he is cute. I thought to myself. And yes, I nodded, thinking Hell, I’ll follow you anywhere. Lead the way! Instead, I said nothing and proceeded to mutely follow him into the condo. He opened the door for me and followed me up the stairs and into the house. As soon as we reached the first landing my dear friend, Nicky, said, in his British accent, “Oh, ello! Looks like you’ve met Sean the Architect!” And that was how I learned his name.

I don’t remember much of the party, except for Sean the Architect. Nicky made me a couple of stiff vodka drinks and I was fairly lit up. Quite a strange experience for me, after having known Nicky only as a sober person for over a decade. But alcohol does that. It loosens things up and the strangeness didn’t matter so much over time.

I spent the entire night outside talking to Sean the Architect. He worked for LAUSD. He had a fourteen-year-old son that had gone to the same elementary school my daughter was about to start in the Fall. He lived a mile from me. A mile!

He was funny and smart and sexy. I liked him immediately.

Near the end of the party we had ventured inside and I found myself talking to a lovely gentleman that I was sure was gay. However, he asked for my number as I was about to leave and immediately turned to Sean and asked, “Well, what are you going to do about that?” He immediately replied, “I am going to ask for your number as well and then I am going to walk you to your car.”

And he did.

While we were walking I slid my hand in his. It felt strong and real. Solid. Good.

He hugged me goodbye without a kiss. We stood for a moment awkwardly. Then I got into my car and he went to his.

20 minutes later he left me a message.

Would I go out with him???

I most certainly would.

And I did.


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