I spent the night at Sean’s even though I wanted to be with my daughter. I don’t know why I made that decision. In hindsight, it was not a good one. The night kind of sucked.

We were supposed to have a date night. And we rarely get those, so that is most likely why I was not with my kid. But last minute Sean’s teenage son decided he wanted to stay home and not go to his Mom’s. So he was with us. On our date night. Going to the movies.

I felt strange to say the least. But I said nothing.

Every time we got into Sean’s car, his son would jockey me for it, calling “shotgun” and whatnot. So we ended up taking turns. Which felt totally weird but I did not have any context for this situation so just went along with it.

Then at the movie theater his son sat between us. And again, I felt blindsided and baffled. I sat back and tried to enjoy. But did not.

Finally we ended up back at his house where I lay beside him and tried to sleep but instead cried. To myself. While Sean slept next to me. I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t even know or fully understand what I was feeling.

The next morning I woke up at dawn and left the house to pick up my little P.

I vowed NEVER to do that again.


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